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This blog page is for my comments on events and issues and for to-the-point and thought-provoking comments from others.I spend most of my time writing books, doing radio interviews, and keeping abreast of the endless flow of emails and Facebook posts at my two closed sites

 If you choose to respond to this page, choose the date of the blog & title  comment you are responding to and email it to the email below. Your comment will then come to me so I can decide whether or not to post it. Issues always welcome are those I address in my geoengineering books (electromagnetics, chemical trails, weather, plasma, nanotechnology, vaccinations, GMOs, Big Pharma, neuroengineering, synthetic biology, Transhumanism, exotic propulsion, etc.) and in my Sub Rosa America historical series (pedophilia, American history, secret societies, mind control, cultural studies, media, etc).

October 12, 2019

Oversimplified and ignorant of the new directed energy weapons that can target people and make them "mentally Ill," but still, understanding the "big picture" that real shamans function in can point us to the difference between spirituality and religion. I remember two separate conversations with two shamans I had while living in Santa Fe. When the topic got around to out-of-body missions conducted in the realm of the stars and planets, both shamans admitted that when they "got into trouble" with nonhuman entities, they called on Christ to help them, and Christ always came through for them because "this is his solar system," as one of the shamans reminded me. This is an example of the difference between spirituality and religion: neither shaman called himself a Christian but understood that Christ is a vast cosmic Being / Office. Those two conversations clarified this for me for all time.

October 7,2019

The CIA had a hand on HAARP development and continues its influence in geoengineering and Space Fence lockdown through its corporate henchmen like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. Remember: THE CIA IS NOT WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO THINK IT IS, in that it was created from the whole cloth of the OSS by Paperclip Nazis like SS Gen. Reinhard Gehlen. Read the Sub Rosa America series to learn about your American history since the end of WW2.

So the CIA Coup video was released on September 30, 2019, the Tucker Carlson FOX report followed on October 3, 2019.

As I listened to the BS Tucker spouted about the CIA "not knowing" about all sorts of operations I documented years ago as having been set in motion by the CIA, I realized Tucker's task was to confuse the issue raised by the news of the CIA coup, FOX being just more of the same MSM under the CIA's Operation Mockingbird hold on American news outlets, Hollywood, the music industry, the "best seller" publishing industry, and all the rest of "American culture." Tucker's reiteration of the old "the CIA doesn't know what it's doing" routine is proof pudding that the Hegelian dialectic is alive and well on TV, whether pro-Trump or anti-Trump. Was the Fox report to counter this report about the coup? Stir the pot, confuse the issues? Oh yes.

September 6.2019

ELANA: The case of Julian Assange indeed is an historical event marking the end of what the United States once stood for. Already, most of us in the U.S. realize that if we speak out for Julian, we will be next on the targeting watch lists dedicated to the electronic concentration camp / Holocaust already underway here in the land of the Bill of Rights that once protected the individual from the State.

Thanks to Rose at The Con Trail: "Journalist John Pilger has issued a clear warning from WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange. He said that his persecution is designed to eliminate dissidents. "Speak now," said Pilger, or wake up in your silence "in a new kind of tyranny."

Assange is currently serving a 50-week prison sentence in Belmarsh Prison for missing a bail hearing in 2012. The US authorities are demanding his extradition for his role in publishing confidential documents and accuse him of espionage. Pilger spoke at a rally in front of the London Ministry of the Interior on Monday and sent a message from the WikiLeaks editor, who could be sentenced to 175 years in prison in case of extradition and conviction.

The event in central London, in front of the British Home Office and not far from Belmarsh Prison, attracted around 1,000 people.

In addition to John Pilger, the internationally renowned musician Roger Waters and the brother of the imprisoned Julian Assange, Gabriel Shipton, appeared. Gabriel had visited his brother in prison and reported that Julian described the prison as hell. John Pilger had accompanied him to Belmarsh Prison and described how Gabriel "was deeply moved by how his brother is being treated." It is no exaggeration to say that the treatment and persecution of Julian Assange is the way dictatorships treat a political prisoner.

Pilger went on to explain that there is a single reason for Assange's blatant treatment, namely that "Julian and WikiLeaks have done a historic public service by telling millions of people why and how their governments are cheating on them secretly and often illegal, why they invade countries, why they spy on us."

He also asked Julian Assange during his visit what he should tell people. Julian: 'It's not just about me. It goes much further. It's about us all. All journalists and all publishers doing their jobs are in danger."

According to Pilger, Julian Assange is locked up in a solitary cell in the hospital wing for more than 21 hours, sometimes longer, isolated from other people, denied resources and basic rights to prepare for the case for his extradition to the United States, not allowed to call his American lawyers, not allowed to access important documents nor use a computer. 

Pilger also warned, "Journalism is not a crime in the United States, not yet. But when Julian is extradited and sentenced, he becomes a crime - journalism that does its job and tells people what governments are doing behind their backs on their behalf."

And further: "One wants to make an example of him. What happens to Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning should intimidate us, silence us. And the moment we fall silent, it's over. By defending Julian Assange, we defend our most sacred rights. Speak now or wake up in your silence in a new kind of tyranny."



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