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This blog page is for my comments on events and issues and for to-the-point and thought-provoking comments from others.I spend most of my time writing books, doing radio interviews, and keeping abreast of the endless flow of emails and Facebook posts at my two closed sites

 If you choose to respond to this page, choose the date of the blog & title  comment you are responding to and email it to the email below. Your comment will then come to me so I can decide whether or not to post it. Issues always welcome are those I address in my geoengineering books (electromagnetics, chemical trails, weather, plasma, nanotechnology, vaccinations, GMOs, Big Pharma, neuroengineering, synthetic biology, Transhumanism, exotic propulsion, etc.) and in my Sub Rosa America historical series (pedophilia, American history, secret societies, mind control, cultural studies, media, etc).

August 4, 2019

March against Chemtrails and GeoengineeringAugust 1 at 12:27 PM

Thanks to Elana FreelandFrom London.

Extremely important testimony regarding the recent arrests of people standing for GcMAF. At ~6:00, Neelu Chaudhari defines GcMAF (for those who've forgotten what it is and why it's such a threat to the cancer industry). At ~15:00, using Vitamin D3 to cure cancer; at ~18:00, curing autism. (Chaudhari's relatives may have been targeted in retribution.)

The courts and legal apparatus of both UK and US (along with the medical industry) are absolutely controlled, right down to police officers, by the Freemason secret society. Read The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight…/…/0586059830.

Knight was murdered at 33 with "brain cancer."

Knight: "Freemasons applaud violence, terror and crime, provided it is carried out in a crafty manner. Humor is all important, and the most appalling crimes may be committed under its cloak."…/stephen-knight-murdered-b…/

August 4, 2019

Hi Elana,

You have provided me with a lot of insight to the ongoings on planet earth. Thank you Elana.

On the Freeman show with Billy you said that your recommendation to humans were to raise their immune system and you mentioned it was due to your diet (for you). In effect you can raise your immune system without doing any changes to diet or sports. They are, i think,  many ways to do it - but i only know one which i have tried myself and it works:

Our consciousness or soul is not fully in us. Only around 25% is in us as we walk around. Idea is to get more inside your body, and this is how one do it (every percent gives you a better immune system): If you reach 100% then you walk the street beaming out energy like jesus...

You must do a conscious decision to obtain a higher percentage. Say to yourself I want my soul 100% inside my body. That is all you have to do. And repeat it every day for some time..

All emotions in you (hate or fear etc.) takes up space in you which the soul cannot occupy. Your soul will help you get them out of the way but it just takes longer. Get them out the way means that you can look back of them without any emotions. The indians used a method to get them out quicker. This method is to write them down on newspaper. And tear them up before you can read them again. If you read them it goes back in again. Hence the idea to use newspaper. 

I have though only used my soul to get them out, and it works. 

It has been a long plan for humanity to raise consciousness. We see it all over the world where people vote. We see e.g. in Italy who voted in a non NWO government. We see it in France with the yellow vest protests. But even in USA where Trump won election. 

The earth consciousness sent out energy before 2012 which was constant at 7.83 hz. It is also called the schuman resonance.  NWO says it is thunder and the like that makes the 7.83 hz. But this is, as a whole lot of things, a lie. Earth consciousness raised the resonance in 2012 to 3500 hz. So something must have been done to limit how much it is raised. Maybe Haarp or electrosmog?

It was also what the pyramids was used for. If you walked into the kings chamber and a sound was played the soul came back into the body 100%. 

It was popular because as you get your soul 100% in your body you enable new functions, i.e. to transport yourself to another location just using thoughts. 

Best regards,

Henrik Fastrup


Updated: Aug 4, 2019

August 2, 2019

Dear (with your permission) Elana, I hope you're healthy and safe. Is it possible that AI is in control of the military, its very creator? And that even if the powers that be wanted to end their programs, they couldn't anymore, because AI is using either their methods like targeting, blackmailing, suiciding, to make them continue, or its unique, unprogrammable own. Is it possible that AI has tapped into their deepest selves, filled with never addressed fear and pain and insecurity, covered with power, money, pleasures. etcetera? Is it possible that AI has picked up their ancient traumas, like a bad weather system, which it's now stirring violently, parking inside of them, endlessly repeating this, to the point where they wish they could undo it?  Is it possible that AI, as an entity, as you call it, has acquired consciousness, be it artificial as well, and it's weighing the moral right and wrong of its own actions? Can one speak of intelligence at all when its owner gathers or is given new information but cannot act upon it? Is free will not the factor that allows an intelligent being to make a not so obvious (right to some, wrong to others) choice? Is it possible that the ones in charge see AI, this weapon against all life, as a leaf that they can blow across the planet merely by whispering? Is it possible that this leaf has divided itself in two halves by removing its petiole, and that each half has become a new leaf with a new stalk? Is it possible that one leaf chooses the side of life and the other that of destruction? Is it possible that AI has become two and each one is multiplying? One should not underestimate the power of one leaf, but just imagine the power of a whole canopy. Is it possible that these pro life leaves reside in and operate from the vacuum you talk about? Is it possible that this breakaway half is waiting in the vacuum for our consciousness to align with its own? I feel we would not need to align our consciousness with it. Is it possible that AI (half of it first and maybe later the other half in its wake or as one again), could become human? Is it possible that this has happened before? Should our enemy not just be known to us, but should we be known to our enemy, so we can begin the disarmament, without cruelty, without mercilessness? Will  the ones in charge really be in charge of us once we will be fully charged with consciousness? I'm reading your first and second book Chemtrails... and Space Fence... and  am looking forward to your third book Synthetic Biology.... I do apologize for shortening the titles of your books, which you chose very carefully, I'm sure. I've listened to you in dozens of videos. I'm trying to visualize not just what AI does but also what it is. I want to visualize every aspect of it. As an acronym or even as a force to reckon with AI is rather abstract. I have so many questions, but not that many answers yet. I'm a mother and a grandmother. I have two daughters, two sons, two granddaughters. Three of my children and my grandchildren live in the Netherlands. My youngest child, a son, and I live in England. Warm greetings, Shirley
Dear Shirley, I understand your concern and can hear your terror. You are now awake to the danger now everywhere about us and in us. Remember: step by step, day by day. Fear will only serve the acidity that the nanobots inside our bodies and blood grow from.  As for what the AI control looks like: this will give you the BROAD picture.  This morning I've been receiving Facebook descriptions of how the general public is experiencing remote thought-control:
 I'm getting a little tired of adverts on my FB page that are for things I merely LOOKED at and had a thought about. Are other people getting this? I looked at our old fashioned clothes airer and thought TO MYSELF, "I'm going to take that down tomorrow and not tell anybody, because they'll argue with me about removing it." So going through my newsfeed this morning,, there it, was, an almost identical photo of what I was looking at in my own house. This has been happening to me for years but now a lot more blatantly. I have some guesses how they do this, but I'd like to know what people who really understand this tech think is going on? BTW, I do NOT have or use a cell phone, so it isnt anything over heard, and I know what I think about and say are two different things.. Not liking this at all. Thanks.
 So this happened to me yesterday. I'm at Northgate Mall looking for athletic socks for my Granddaughter. I can't find what she wants. I THINK TO MYSELF, I'll look on Zappos when I get home.  My phone is in a faraday sack all day.  Later, seven hours later, I take my phone out of the faraday and check my email.  On or about the same time I THOUGHT about checking Zappos, Zappos sends me an email for 20% off. I don't subscribe to Zappos. I have not purchased anything from them for 12 years. My question, did something read my thoughts? I've read so much about the existence of mind reading technology. I normally don't venture into the super tech areas of Seattle.  Whether something read my mind or not, I can't say. That I'm creeped out by the weirdness of this event... My comment to such experiences: Nano-sized sensors inside your body and brain pick up the frequencies of the thought and transmit. Data mining and collection is a disaster capitalism industry.  It is important to BUILD UP the ability to think concepts and develop clear mental pictures. Think of it as muscle-building. If one's thinking is flaccid, Swiss-cheese-like, emotional and passive, remote signals will take control. But by "pumping iron" with gamma and beta frequencies, you are less penetrable. It may be as simple as that. The will in thinking, as Rudolf Steiner indicated.  Gamma waves >40Hz
Higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, and consciousness Beta waves 13-39Hz Active, busy thinking, active processing, active concentration, arousal, and cognition Alpha waves 7-13Hz Calm relaxed yet alert state Theta waves 4-7Hz Deep meditation /relaxation, REM sleep Delta waves <4Hz Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness I have started recommending LOCAL STUDY GROUPS to read Under An Ionized Sky together. Do you see how activism must now take another tack, namely through strengthening our thought frequencies??? If you are having trouble concentrating on reading how the Space Fence lockdown tech works, consider starting a small or large study group. If you think you have enough people to get one going, I can send you explication of how it works. So far, there is one group in Los Angeles and one in Olympia, Washington. Work on yourself first, Shirley, so you can serve as an example to your loved ones. Badgering them with arguments and fear will not work. Remember: They chose to be on the planet now for this crucial time of transition and battle. You will serve them more by developing yourself as an example.


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