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Thanks to Rebecca Campbell.

ELANA: Remember the Project Flicker sting -- "an investigation by the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)" -- going all the way to NASA? And how Obama’s FBI helped cover-up the massive pedophile ring inside NASA in 2010? Of course, you don't; it's been shoved deep down the Memory Hole. Anyone read about NASA in Chapter 9 "The Temple of CERN" of my book Under An Ionized Sky ?

"The incursion of thousands of Nazis into the United States under Operation Paperclip lends credence to the possibility of a still-thriving secret Saturnalian Brotherhood in the United States, along with the normal fare of Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Satanists, etc. The 33º system of initiation known as the Fraternitas Saturni or Saturnalian Brotherhood is a German magical order founded in 1926. Originally, it was connected with Aleister Crowley and his Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO); now, “Saturn-Magic” lodges are primarily headquartered in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, including offshoots like Ordo Saturni and Communitas Saturni. I would not be surprised if NASA hosts a Saturnalian Lodge. Wikipedia defines NASA as “an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government,” but neglects to mention that it was founded under SS officer Wernher von Braun (1912-1977) and Paperclip Nazis who claimed to have derived technological insight from ancient “mythological” texts and entities beyond the Veil through occult rituals. Thus, NASA may be a very different kind of 'independent agency of the executive branch.'”


I constantly bring up this connection between World War Two I.G.

Farben Big Pharma and the present thrust to control populations via

the latest incarnation of chemicals / electromagnetics /

nanotechnology. Of course, Big Pharma are not jut the purveyors of

"vaccines"; they are also behind the chemicals still being delivered

by jets, rockets, and drones, AND are behind the Monsanto-type

domination of the food supply via genetically modified foods that do

their part in turning us into synthetic biology (synbio) cyborgs for


If we don't learn from history -- and most Americans simply bury it in

yesteryear as if it doesn't matter (primarily because it is too

painful to rake over the same coals that haven't yet been sufficiently

raked over) -- we are truly doomed to repeat it via each new

generation that assumes it is smarter and far more evolved than any

other previous generation. NOT.

Elana Freeland


" Scientia est potential "

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