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This is an excellent anonymous whistleblower testimony of exactly how pedophile blackmail has worked for the Deep Start for over a half century since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Listen carefully. We have had a mafia running America into the ground since the end of World War Two and the founding of the National Security Act and the CIA. President Trump's four years have been the only ray of hope I have ever seen in the White

January 8th,2020

Thanks to Alexandra Bruce. For those who write me, wondering how I see the battle raging around us, this military veteran teaching Americans about how unrestricted warfare works, now that we need to know, is my man of the hour. You CANNOT decide from corrupted mainstream media. Now, he reveals that the so-called government -- intended to be the instrument of the Constitution -- is utterly corrupt. All the evidence collected by the respecters of law and order regarding the stolen election of Biden WILL NOT BE RECOGNIZED; neither will the electoral college angle. We appear to be moving into PHASE 2 of the civil war. It's time to stop arguing that there is no civil war, all politicians are the same, woe is me, etc. It is time to GET SERIOUS about understanding how this unrestricted warfare of the Deep State works so YOU TOO can play your part in this historical moment. THE DEEP STATE WITH FOREIGN HELP WILL STOP AT NOTHING. "NATO" no longer means ally and cannot be taken for granted, as Italy / Vatican has proven. As Prather says, the world watches our struggle for America because our struggle weighs deeply on every other nation's struggle to retain its integrity. I don't know about you who visit this site, but I was born to defend truth. If you are fence-sitting, you may as well move along, as there is no fence left to sit on. Your "neutrality" is complicity with the Deep State that has dumbed down Americans for a half century. Adios (which means Go with God).

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December 12th,2020

From London.

I agree with Tory MP Swayne (whatever his party): When the Prime Minister went into hospital months ago under a CV cover-up, I realized that he was to be programmed, reprogrammed, or tuned up. Yes, mind control. Do you REALLY think that in this era of remote mind control a PM in the land of the Tavistock Institute is going to be allowed to do as s/he thinks fit for his people?

For me, this is why President Trump's election was a rogue, unforeseen element storming the gates, basically an uncontrolled element not fully programmed or resisting programming, chosen to run by white-hat military brass who knew what programming looks like. A free individual? Not really--no billionaire is a free agent --but comparatively free when compared with the Clintons and Obama who ALWAYS belonged to MK-ULTRA's CIA.


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