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November 24,2019

Thanks to Rachel Rendish: "Dear History Researchers, a Tribute to YOU from Mae Brussell. Take 30 minutes. The ratio of paid interference in your work is 1 agent to 5 citizens. She recognizes the rare people that have given years of their time. Press on."

ELANA: Queen Mae is totally my hero and model. I was not an original "Brussell sprout" but of the generation that picked up the baton from those researchers who dropped in battle, either killed, "suicided," or disabled in some way, much as Julian Assange is undergoing right now.

November 9th, 2019

Reminds me of this bit of dialogue in Book 2 of my series Sub Rosa America, the history in fiction form that belongs next to Howard Zinn's 1980 book A People's History of the United States . . .

Thomas nodded. “Remember the last report Kennedy read before leaving for Dallas? The memo from his prep school friend about unofficial talks with the UN Cuban Ambassador Carlos Lechuga? Kennedy was set on détente.” “Then after his assassination, Lyndon Johnson committed us to fighting the Communist bogeyman in Southeast Asia, and the CIA-run NASA to a U.S.-only space effort, scuttling all talk of détente with Cuba...” “. . . and the Enterprise was back on track again,” Thomas finished as they arrived at the pharmacy. A cheer went up from the bandstand for a Cuban number honoring the marble bust of Ché Guevara orbiting in Soyuz 38. Thomas and Seven shared a smile, then Thomas instructed Sirius to wait outside. An ad in the pharmacy window read— WANTED by ASRC Aerospace Corporation Full-Time Human Intelligence Collector Req’d Education: High School Description: Excellent Employment opportunities for prior military personnel who held the MOS 97E, Human Intelligence Collector. Positions include instructors and managers at Fort Huachuca, AZ. Excellent Pay/Benefits/Chance for Advancement.

November 5,2019

"Pedophile acts (filmed) are the CIA's favorite when it comes to blackmail control."


" Scientia est potential "

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