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This blog page is for my comments on events and issues and for to-the-point and thought-provoking comments from others.I spend most of my time writing books, doing radio interviews, and keeping abreast of the endless flow of emails and Facebook posts at my two closed sites

 If you choose to respond to this page, choose the date of the blog & title  comment you are responding to and email it to the email below. Your comment will then come to me so I can decide whether or not to post it. Issues always welcome are those I address in my geoengineering books (electromagnetics, chemical trails, weather, plasma, nanotechnology, vaccinations, GMOs, Big Pharma, neuroengineering, synthetic biology, Transhumanism, exotic propulsion, etc.) and in my Sub Rosa America historical series (pedophilia, American history, secret societies, mind control, cultural studies, media, etc).

September 11th,2020

Amazing Polly

ELANA: To me, it is no mystery that the military-industrial-intelligence flank of the Deep State would not want four more years of this sitting President who is cutting into its war against America and humanity in general. Think Eisenhower's warning on the way out of office. We have arrived at the remarkable point of "reality" in which truth is called disinfo AND PEOPLE NO LONGER KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

This is mind control over the masses at its perfection. Let me be clear: the Deep State elite have realized that the mind control and targeting EM industries they've created under the secret space program (weather warfare, mind control, human trafficking for profit / blackmail / blood rites, biotech for Transhumanist end of humanity as we have known it, etc.) are in jeopardy and WILL STOP AT NOTHING IN ORDER TO KEEP THEIR FINGER ON THE BUTTON OF GEOENGINEERING, 5G SATELLITES AND TOWERS, THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY, AND NO-TOUCH TORTURE OF MILLIONS.

Sound like science fiction? Time to keep a list of rebranded propaganda concepts / terms like "flood the zone" and re-read Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell and translate Orwell's 1948 ideas of technology into something more like ours. For example, mind-controlled Joe Biden (in my opinion a double) will never concede.

Trump may be the last bona fide human non-mind controlled President, my friends. Every President we've had since JFK has been controlled in one way or another, including CIA mind control. Do you understand that this election is NOT just more of the same? It may be our last chance before our forced descent into a technocratic Nazi socialist abyss. (Remember Operation Paperclip!) Resist your Democrat-Republican conditioning (a divide-and-conquer strategy at best) and commit to developing true spiritual discernment. Satanists have turned the world upside-down and will stop at nothing to maintain their achievements. Black is white, and white is black 

When I was in England, I semi-jokingly told people I was returning to the U.S. so I could go down with the Titanic as a witness. Little did I know it would actually occur in my lifetime.

September 3,2020

August 22,2020

From Gary Kohls, MD: I just finished watching the extremely well-done, extremely important Plandemic II documentary. The link below will allow anybody to watch it for free. It is a must watch for anybody who has been smelling the rat.


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With the completion of Under An Ionized Sky, I've begun the third and final book of the series. It will be on Synthetic Biology. All three books constitute a trilogy because the science is interconnected.


We are now seeing plasma signs and wonders in the skies. Please hone your perceptions and research skills (don't buy cheap!), then share, as we are ALL in a learning mode at this crucial crossover point in human history that we are fortunate enough to be alive for, even though painful, as well.


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