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This blog page is for my comments on events and issues and for to-the-point and thought-provoking comments from others.I spend most of my time writing books, doing radio interviews, and keeping abreast of the endless flow of emails and Facebook posts at my two closed sites

 If you choose to respond to this page, choose the date of the blog & title  comment you are responding to and email it to the email below. Your comment will then come to me so I can decide whether or not to post it. Issues always welcome are those I address in my geoengineering books (electromagnetics, chemical trails, weather, plasma, nanotechnology, vaccinations, GMOs, Big Pharma, neuroengineering, synthetic biology, Transhumanism, exotic propulsion, etc.) and in my Sub Rosa America historical series (pedophilia, American history, secret societies, mind control, cultural studies, media, etc).

Updated: Jun 21, 2021


These findings support my contention that the "vaccination" (bioterrorist "gene therapy") is implanting many experimental gain of function (weaponized) prepared diseases into people's bodies for future triggering via 5G. This assault is being intentionally coupled with what is being delivered by masks, swabs, and chemical trail aerosols -- including the spraying of airliner cabins between flights, which I just underwent. Article sent to me by Ray Songtree " We care. We must expect justice."


BIOTERRORIST ATTACK. This is the ONLY term we should use for what has been occurring the past 1.5 years around the world. Mainstream media under absolute control. Medical establishment under absolute control. Big Pharma in command under the global elites.

Dr. McCullough tells it like it is. I do not agree with some of what he says, but certainly I agree with his overarching appraisal of what will stand in history as the most comprehensive bioterrorism assault in history 19 years (a Metonic cycle) after 9/11. Listen carefully to his perception about medical doctors, etc., being under hypnosis and think remote programming.

If you have not read Hans Christian Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes" in recent years, I suggest you do so in order to banish any remaining fear of a viral plague.


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NOTE FROM ELANA FREELAND: Those who profit educationally from this site are expected to read my books Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (2014) and Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown (2018) or ask your local bookstore to order them from their distributors. After reading them, donate them to your library.


With the completion of Under An Ionized Sky, I've begun the third and final book of the series. It will be on Synthetic Biology. All three books constitute a trilogy because the science is interconnected.


We are now seeing plasma signs and wonders in the skies. Please hone your perceptions and research skills (don't buy cheap!), then share, as we are ALL in a learning mode at this crucial crossover point in human history that we are fortunate enough to be alive for, even though painful, as well.


I seek educated activists, not emotional junkies or tape-loop, drama-addicted spectators. I work hard to maintain an educative Facebook page, so PLEASE do your part by reading, researching, and thinking ON YOUR OWN so you are not passing on misinformation. GEOENGINEERING AND THE OPERATIONS IT SUPPORTS ARE NEITHER A JOKE NOR AN ENTERTAINING PASTIME. All trolls and unmannerly are eliminated as discovered, and people engaging in personal chat are directed to take it to Facebook's private Messaging function.