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220605 Tony Pantalleresco New Video, The Spike! Includes Schematics


Thanks to Tony Pantalleresco, Canadian herbalist.

From a grateful client: "I had to let you know another great experience with your Spike device which probably saved my life. I've been having chest pains and typical heart attack symptoms. Last night, I coughed up blood. Something said, Do the spike device. I held it for about 20 minutes; the chest pain went down. When I lay down, I felt a swooshing feeling in my chest area like something got dislodged! It happened twice in a row. Freaked me out! Same feeling I had in the sacral/uterus area when I did it before. I know these issues are from the bioweapon. I plan on doing it A LOT today on and off. I am so grateful I found you years ago. Thank you for fighting the fight and helping all of us during the war!"


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