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54 Scientists Given NIH Grants Fired For Having Foreign Ties


Almost all of the Manhattan Project scientists had fled Europe. Immediately after World War Two ended with irradiating Japan, Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists entered the U.S. with carte blanche security codes. We were told that scientists represented a higher calling of an "international brotherhood."  While researching my third (and last) book on what geoengineering has spawned, I have noticed that practically all of the names of scientists signing off on patents and papers connected with synthetic biology, bioengineering, neuroengineering, artificial intelligence, etc., are Chinese. When the Wuhan debacle occurred and the professor with Wuhan connections was forced to resign at Harvard, I thought for the hundredth time about the Manhattan Project and Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists. Why has it taken so long to wake up to the fact that a Communist nation like China would never allow their best and brightest to attend universities and work in labs in the U.S. without political strings? The answer is two words: Deep State. Wake up, Americans, and don't give me that crap about "open borders" and "international brotherhood" with atheist pro-slavery nations like China, where harvesting organs from children, political prisoners, and the poor is a state industry. Look around at what has happened since the keys to the kingdom were handed to card-carrying Nazi scientists: a technocracy socialist/fascist Third Reich-style.


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