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7th AnnualMysTech ConferenceResonance as a bridge between the spiritual and the physical


In 3 weeks . . .

7th Annual

MysTech Conference

Resonance as a bridge between the spiritual and the physical

Online or in-person, make your reservation

High Mowing School, Pine Hill Campus,

New Hampshire

August 9 - 12, 2023 Our theme for this year is Resonance, which is very timely, given the FREQUENCY conditions we live in today. This year's conference speakers present their research into how to understand this basis of all of creation and harness it for the good, put it to use and create out of it for the betterment of all of humanity. Their names may not be widely known, but their research will be in the near future and beyond. Below are just a few (see all 15 at

Dr. Ralf Tita, Ph.D., “The Fundamentals of Cymatics Dr. Tita is the Chief Technical Officer of Lautsänger, a company that transforms the sound from a speaker to that of a “living sound,” that is to say a sound that has a reciprocal motion in its form. Dr. Tita will describe the study of Cymatics as the study of living forces at play. He will also discuss the different qualities of etheric forces and how these relate to the phenomenon of tone. Dr. Linda Gadbois, “Quantum Entanglement and Wave Particle Duality” Dr. Gadbois has a doctorate in Spiritual Science and is a professional educator, transpersonal psychologist, Initiate of Hermetic Sciences, author, spiritual mentor, and professional artist. She offers a dynamic model for understanding how we exist simultaneously in both physical and spiritual form on multiple dimensions. Michael Howard, “The Resonance of Moral Qualities” Mr. Howard has a Masters in Art and is the author of numerous books on art, living form and education. He will describe how artistic feeling can allow us to experience the resonant and moral qualities of the sense world and prepare us for the eventual development of resonance and moral technology so we are at last able to perceive and creatively work with etheric forces as we presently work with physical forces. Dr. Christoph Broens, MD, “Anthropophonetics and Cymatics” Dr. Broens is a physicist and an anthroposophical physician with his medical office in Baden, Switzerland. He will describe in detail Anthropophonetics as a healing art through tone, sound, and touch. Across the world Thanks to Mara Knezevic in Serbia. Article published today in Serbian language Скептицизам је кажњив - Печат - Лист слободне Србије ELANA: Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (2014) was translated into Serbian almost a decade ago. Serbia was Nikolai Tesla's homeland. His research was stolen and has now been weaponized in forms like HAARP. Follow-up on The Sound of Freedom My comment regarding Greg Reese's commentary about Angel Studios: ELANA: Wherever big money is involved, nothing is pure, so STAY AWAKE. In fact, big money supports BOTH sides of the human / antihuman equation, and vipers who have sacrificed their humanity wait in the wings with bated breath to pick up the droppings. If there's one thing I've learned over the decades of study and paying attention, it's that evil never sleeps. Good, unfortunately, goes to sleep if everything seems "nice," which is something to think about the next time you complain about what a cesspool your society has become. New interviews June 13, 2023, Far Out with Faust, “Are Chemtrails Poisoning Us? Is Geoengineering Real?” June 14, 2023, The Hidden Gateway, “Episode #127: Darkened Horizons, Illuminated Skies with Elana Freeland” June 27, 2023, Truth Summit panel “Taking Stock and Moving Forward,”

REMINDER: I post daily at two sites: Facebook EMF Planetary Engineering, and My Group "Geoengineered Transhumanism with Elana Freeland." The two postings are identical (excepting Facebook not allowing all postings). About 1,000 members. One Facebook member recently recommended 190 member friends.


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