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9/11 video and radar analysis


No Boeing 767 (Flight 175) on 9/11: "COVERT technology was used in both the destruction of the Towers and in what we were seeing with the alleged planes." Note his comment about how often his video has been censored by YouTube. Also listen carefully to CNN's role at the end of his presentation; "two videos slipped through the net and did show impossible physics."

ELANA: This is by far the best video presentation I have seen in 20 years, the most accurate yet, given how few people understand the capabilities of directed energy weapons such as Judy Wood, PhD, explains and illustrates in her book Where Did the Towers Go? If you haven't read it, you should, at least to honor the human sacrifice of 3,000 that day. The past is not gone, my friends: it lies before us, once again, in a different form because Americans constantly behave like spectators and not actors who can make a difference with their INTENT.


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