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You can always tell a psyop (psychological operation) by how it utilizes world mainstream media to sell one particular narrative to the exclusion of all other devils in the details. This excellent video by A H examines some of those crucial details few have the capability to discover, analyze, and address. What happened to Kobe Bryant and how he was used leads first to a honeypot rape set-up, then the MK-ULTRA programmed Black Mamba alter, then Black Mamba's creepy children's books, then a pro-Transhumanist venture capital firm, then VIP Kid mind control backed by the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese billionaire Jack Ma of Ali Baba, Joseph C. Lewis, George Soros -- and there it is! The major DEVIL in ALL details since the Cold War having: Tavistock Institute, going all the way back to Nazis, World War Two, and the CIA's original MK-ULTRA! WOW. It's under every rock . . . Two days before testifying against Big Pharma (sidekick of Tavistock Institute and other MK-ULTRA purveyors in the military-industrial-intelligence-media complex), Kobe is dead. Still believe in coincidences? Discussion of dirty Big Pharma begins at ~7:00. 

9:40 The Belt and Road Initiative of China. STUDY THIS if you hope to understand the CV-19 Deep State debacle. "The biggest global conspiracy in the history of the world . . ."


Never mind Elana -- I found it down below.


Hi Elana -- Is there a video with the blog about Kobe Bryant? I can't seem to find one. Thanks!

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