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A book review by Paul Carline from New View magazine, Spring 2022, London, UK


I was immediately drawn to the latest book by Elana Freeland since I was already familiar with the twin concepts of “geoengineering” and “transhumanism” and knew them to be of fundamental importance for making sense of the philosophical, scientific, political, economic and other developments, especially of the post-9/11 period, when I and many others woke up to the reality of the machinations of largely hidden elites and their modus operandi, including the many so-called “false flag” events.

Having spent a significant amount of time reading relevant books and watching thousands of hours of online presentations, films, interviews and expert analyses, I thought I was pretty well-informed, but I had somehow missed Elana Freeland’s major contribution to exploring and exposing those machinations.

Researchers and analysts such as David Icke, Daniele Ganser, David Ray Griffin and especially (mostly American) the new generation of podcast hosts such as Mike Adams and Del Bigtree have become household names with thousands of followers. Mike Adams’ “Brighteon Conversations” offers interviews with 52 “experts,” yet only 10 of these are women and Elana Freeland is not one of them. However, if one enters “Elana Freeland podcasts” into an internet search engine, it becomes clear that Elana has indeed been very busy, with a listing of at least 49 podcasts in addition to the printed books.


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