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"A monolithic and ruthless conspiracy"

March 27th , 2020

Go, Bobby! My guess is either he figures his record company might be preparing to off him with a CoVid story and he'd better get the song out, or the shackles he's been under for DECADES have been removed. If anyone knows how I might send him a copy of my Sub Rosa America series, let me know.…/bo…/B077BWN7GW/ref=dp_st_1475230125 For those who think the past is dead, look around: the past always catches up with us if we don't deal with it. As the American poet John Berryman put it in one of his Dream Songs, "Often he reckons in the dawn them up: nobody is ever missing." That's why I had to write Sub Rosa America.

"A monolithic and ruthless conspiracy" has been going on all these years, and he doesn't mean just DC politics as usual. PAY ATTENTION. DIG DEEP. You have not been "fully informed" by an honest mainstream media for DECADES. Trust me; I know: I've been here, awake and working, all those decades. He mentions the lawmaker Solon about whom I wrote a short story in this book:…/…/1544242395

John F. Kennedy was the last true President this nation had. I met him in the Rose Garden in summer 1963, three months before he was murdered. I was just a girl, but even then I recognized a unique quality in him. He was NOT like what we have seen in the Oval Office since then. The maverick President we have now is AT LEAST attempting to fight the syndicate that killed JFK and thousands of others who saw through their tissue of lies, the syndicate that tortures children, the syndicate that has brought low the nation my immigrant grandmother loved.


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