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A New Year thought regarding essentials of "Knowledge is power"


If we don't want this . . .🎶-its-beginning-to-look-a-lot-like-genocide-🎶/

. . . then we need to understand HOW IT'S ALL CONNECTED like Greg Reese does here in 11 minutes . . .

. . . and Rudolf Steiner did in 1917 during World War I:

Who are the opposing powers and why is this war being carried out? Dominant is a group of people who want to rule the Earth by means of “free market” capitalism. This group rallies other groups and circles of influence to its cause and organizes them by economic means. The crucial point is that this group is aware that the people living in Russian territories are not organized now but bear within them the seed of a future social organism. Being antisocial, this group wants to bring this social germ under its control [with the Communist Bolshevik Revolution]. This is its calculated goal, a goal that cannot be reached as long as Central Europe strives with understanding to unite with the germinating Eastern impulse. Because this group is Anglo-American, the present constellation of powers must hide the true differences and interests, particularly the fact that Anglo-American plutocrats are battling Central Europe over the future Russian cultural germ. The moment Central Europe discloses this fact to the world, an untrue, unreal constellation will be replaced by a true one. Hence the war will continue in some form or other [World War II] until Deutsch and Slav unite in the mutual goal of freeing humanity from the Western yoke. Only these two alternatives are possible: Either the lies of the West are unmasked by revealing that the fabricators of the Anglo-American cause are exponents of a movement whose intent to achieve world domination by means of capitalism precedes the French Revolution (revolution is always a means by which the true aims of this clique are covered up); or world government is ceded to this occult Anglo-American group until enslaved Deutsch-Slav territories of the future salvage the true spiritual goals of the Earth by means of streams of blood. . . . and of course this for the present all-encompassing technological approach to world domination:


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