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An Unconventional Shade of Grey


Thanks to Wayne Hall in Greece: "If on the weekend at the SYNEPEIA function [in Greece] there had been an invitation for comment, I would have said two or three things about your positions on "climate change." This is a subject that I was investigating quite a lot a few years back.

My position is that both the conflicting views on whether "climate change" is anthropogenic or "natural" are misleading. The whole discussion is a diversion. In the same way as the pretense that a "pandemic" simply appears unexpectedly and not as the result of a political decision is the pretense that "climate change" is an unintended by-product of industrial development, not the deliberate result of climate manipulation. Anyone who wants rational and uncensored discussion of this subject in Greece is called "sprayed" ("psekasmenos"). In other countries, there are other insulting epithets. We see the argumentation in this video: Unfortunately, two of the people we see in the video -- Michael Murphy and Rosa Koire -- are now dead. It is not worth discussing climate if one does not discuss, first and foremost, climate manipulation."

ELANA: Don't even get me started on how Michael Murphy (and no doubt Rosa Koire) was targeted so he wouldn't finish his third film on geoengineering, An Unconventional Shade of Grey.


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