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We have never seen a spring like this one. In fact, spring never happened, because the entire area between northern Chihuahua and Alpine, AZ has been hit with what we believe is some slender spectrum version of Agent Orange. We live on the margin of Mexico's largest agricultural region, described as the bread basket of Mexico. The majority of produce feeding Mexico hails from our region of Chihuahua as well as a huge portion of US produce. In the very recent past, our region was outfitted with SMART meters. A cell tower of about 200' dominates the center of our pueblo Mata Ortiz. We have been concerned as to its ultimate application. In the past year and a half, the entire area appears as if smoked out by fires despite there being no smell of smoke. What were once clearly visible hills in beautiful tones of emerald, coral, prussian blue and amethyst have become almost invisible with off-white goo most days. We now conclude that the entire region stretching northward into Arizona is being prepared to burn like Paradise, CA. We were anticipating the mulberry harvest, in which the branches of more mature (60' tall) mulberry trees surrounding our home each becomes bowed down with at least 1/4 to 1/2 tons of berries. When the berries begin to mature the first week of May, a veritable shower of fruit coats the sidewalks. One has to sweep several times a day. Each larger tree produces several cubic yards' worth of fruit. In the last three years we have put up a great deal of chutney and jam, etc. The harvest was going as usual, the sloppy goo again all over the ground as berries fell from dozens of feet above. About the end of the first week in May during one horribly windy night, every berry on our closest tree to the SMART meter disintegrated. The heavy-laden bows on the tree sprang back up as hundreds of thousands of berries were vaporized into a fine, powdery sand without a hint of moisture. They literally turned to dust. The entirety of what remained probably didn’t weigh two pounds. IT WAS NOT FROST. It took a week or more to investigate the other trees in Mata Ortiz. Every single tree - several of which we knew were covered in ripe, juicy berries - suffered the same effect. The form of the previously plump berry might still hang from the tree, but it was shrunken and dried to nothing. All over town we saw this effect. A million berries were all vaporized overnight. No matter the health of the tree - most had good, broad leaves that were undamaged in this attack. The town is on a river. Wells can be had at well under 20'. The trees absolutely were not unhealthy. We have observed in traveling between Chihuahua and northern Arizona on trips during April and May that there is not a blade of grass evident below the Alpine, AZ vicinity. Not in the depths of the barrow pit. if one scratches deep, the plants are attempting to put forth grass, but it is being killed from above. The former grassland of Cochise County, Arizona is a strange burnt orange, whereas normally over winter, grass dies out to a flaxen blond. It appears to have been dusted with some kind of slender-spectrum Agent Orange or Roundup. There are zero wildflowers. A few broad leaf weeds are appearing in patches but not a blade of grass in any barrow pit, even in areas where we know there has been rainfall enough to leave puddles. Since February, at least 20% of the cattle in northern Chihuahua have died. It is alleged to be drought. Mexican ranchers tend to let their cows grow skinny over winter. This spring found the strange burnt orange mess that has been made of all grass. The hungry cattle, in our opinion, ate dried grass slaked with desiccant, which likely dried them out too from within. The toll may have reached 25% of cattle by now. People are really touchy about the subject, as a lot of people evidently believe something foul has happened. One other observation about the effect of SMART meters in our rural area: we are getting doused with what we believe is coal fly ash as air masses are pushed along the spine of the Sierra Madre to manipulate weather patterns in the US. There has been a chemical nucleation effect for months - an artificial chill in the am. We notice on farms that last fall, leaves were killed and turned black around houses having SMART meters; trees more distant from the homes, however, went through normal fall cycle. Even with the same species of trees, the ones close to any home were very different in appearance, looking black. We are seeing trees - especially the old cottonwoods - just dry out from the inside and split apart, even along a river bed. We notice no rich sap smells. The cottonwoods don't seem to be blooming at all. The list of anomalous details is long. The conclusion is that the entire region is being dried to a crisp with artificial means. We are concerned that an effort is underway to "Paradise" the entire bread basket of Mexico, which also provides an enormous degree of the US food supply. We are personally afraid that they are going to "Paradise" our beautiful town soon. We have seen rabbit brush die off, even mesquite. Everyone will say it is drought, but we can guarantee that the area is being electrochemically treated. When the desiccation events occur, we can't drink enough water. We are worried that we are in mortal danger from being exposed to this. I recently developed a horrible infection that only went away with a long fast. We are hoping that it can come to the attention of whoever still pays attention to the weather. In our opinion, there is an effort to destroy the North American food supply.

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