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Behind the Green Mask : Agenda 21

October 26, 2019

Rosa Koire and commentary by Alexandra Bruce.

Public-private partnerships = fascism

"Social equity" = impoverishment of populations; corporatocracy; communitarianism

At 16:30, John Nord tells it like it is: Agenda 21/2030 and the Wilderness Project are DEPENDENT UPON the geoengineering we have been undergoing for over two decades.

FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE TV is almost a synonym for Alexandra Bruce and her excellent commentary to make passively watching a video a truly educational experience. Please read her commentary.

Dear Elana,

It's funny how so many topics once deemed to be "Tinfoil Hat conspiracy theories" keep getting proven to be worthy of serious attention. Agenda 21, the United Nations' 1992 plan for Sustainable Development is an example.

Rosa Koire has been doing an excellent job of raising awareness about Agenda 21 for many years. She describes how it is being rolled-out – never by name. This is carefully avoided. Hence, we're propagandized about Climate Change and the Green New Deal. She says Agenda 21 programs can be identified by their so-called "communitarian" ethos that is imposed from without by NGOs, circumventing the will of communities and the individuals within.

Agenda 21 has been getting pushed hard lately in the agitprop of Greta Thunberg and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Among its unrealistic goals, the Green New Deal aims to restructure the entire global energy economy within 10 years by completely "transitioning" the US out of fossil fuels and nuclear energy and into renewables, like wind and solar power.

What none of its proponents will admit is that this plan requires genocide. As shown by the collapse of Rome and demonstrated repeatedly by successive societies, the halving of energy consumption leads directly to the collapse of human populations.

As a Bay Area forensic commercial real estate appraiser and expert witness, Rosa Koire observed how property owners in Northern California have been barred from using their own properties, thus making these cheap when the Government wants to acquire them for Eminent Domain.

While investigating this, Koire ran into Agenda 21 – or as she calls it, "The biggest public relations scam in the history of the world," and how this global plan aims to break down economies and to depopulate areas considered to be rural or suburban, concentrating populations into larger cities.

"This is the plan. It's the loss of our industry, our agriculture, our food independence. Ultimately, it's the loss of our sovereignty, as a free nation...It's social's the acceptance of what I call the 'new poverty'."

Over two million people in California were left without power this week and several hundred thousand remain without power during a preventive blackout by PG&E lasting several days. The energy company's promise to make a massive outage like this the new normal will likely drive many people away from the rural areas and thus fulfill the plan of Agenda 21.

Running Time: 20 mins


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Deborah Tavares falsely claims that Agenda 21 is a U.N scheme which will drive us out of our rural and suburban homes and into tightly-packed, over-populated "Kill Cities" in furtherance of the planned extinction of mankind. But, none of this is so.

Agenda 21 was a non-binding suggestion that the United Nations recommended to all its member nations in 1992. Under the United States Constitution, both the President and the Senate must consent to a proposed international treaty or convention before it becomes law in the United States. While the President symbolically signed Agenda 21, the Senate withheld its consent to Agenda 21.

As a result, the United Sates government,…

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