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Berlin, Germany Protesting against Covid medical martial law.


Seems as though Europe is waking up!!! Contrary to cabal controlled mainstream media's claim of 17,000 Germans protesting against the Covid lockdown. The number of people protesting is closer to 800,000 - 1.3 million German protesters, the majority weren't wearing masks.    (1:22:43 minutes)   8-1-2020    Berlin demonstration XxVURltuallrealityxX X 1 week ago Hello from England. Thank you, thank you Germany for leading the way. Here too many people are blind to the danger facing us all from our all too powerful and dictatorial leaders using this giant hoax to imprison us in our homes and separate us from one another. I will never, never wear a mask or submit to a vaccine

Der Fiese 3 days ago My dear, all Europeans are cordially invited to come to the next peace festival in Berlin on August 29th, 2020. You Brits also helped us by showing us with Brexit that you won't put up with everything. You Brits are a warm, loving and positive people. For a united Europe. We don't need an EU for that either. Love, peace, truth, self-determination.


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