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Carnicom Institute Disclosure Project - Overview with Clifford Carnicom


Clifford Carnicom's work is about applying the SCIENTIFIC METHOD chemical-biological analysis to the nanotechnology known as Morgellons and how it has been INTENTIONALLY delivered in polymer fiber sheaths from the stratosphere, GMO foods, and vaccinations for more than two decades under cover of geoengineering. Learning about HEALING PROTOCOLS that flush out heavy nanometals and nanobots we are still breathing and eating daily, plus ameliorate the agonies of people undergoing Morgellons lesions, is ongoing. Through the CoV mRNA drama, we have been learning about the SELF-REPLICATING NEUROMESH NETWORK based on nanotechnology already in our bodies for transmissions under Big Pharma's "precision medicine," a Transhumanist technology that also works for targeting individuals and populations with pulsed frequencies. Carnicom was shut out by the CDC, FDA, NASA, etc. (please see the list of alphabet soup agencies hitting his site continuously in the early days of his research Besides learning about nanotechnology, we must not forget the electromagnetic connection to the nanobot neuromesh infrastructure now in our bodies and brains, awaiting commands via the operating system being inserted with mRNA, test swabs, masks, chemical trails, etc.


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