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Caught in a Catch-22*?

Thanks to Harry Blazer: "Hey - we need 5G to track the damage we are doing with 5G disguised as a virus - oh, and use smartphones to detect CoVids triggered by electromagnetics."

ELANA: The CoVid19 business model for 5G is on the move, now that the herd is paralyzed by fear, slavishly obeying lockdown, and absolutely incapable of thinking. Sigh. (These are the times that I wonder what good I am really doing on Facebook filled with millions of lemmings waiting for a saviour to tell them what to do.)

  1. Throw your television out.

  2. Establish a schedule for reading and concentrating again.

  3. TO AVOID BEING PULSED WITH EMOTIONS / THOUGHTS NOT YOURS: Break your cellphone addiction and bond instead with a landline.

  4. FOR YOUR PINEAL GLAND: If you have a cellphone, put it in your car outside before going to bed.

  5. FOR YOUR PINEAL GLAND: Unplug router before going to bed.

  6. FOR YOUR PINEAL GLAND: Sleep on a bed with absolutely no metal in it.

  7. FOR YOUR PINEAL GLAND: Sleep with your head to magnetic north or east.

  8. Take responsibility for your immune system.

  9. Take charge over fear, which produces acidity with which to feed "virus" (i.e. nanoparticles).

  10. Develop a true inner life (spiritual immune system) and nurture it.

*Catch-22: a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.

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Hi Elana We saw an old video from Harold Kautz Vella, 2016. he was surprisingly onto it even back then, so much is verifiable now

Even by omission its noticeably a weapon. Our Work and Safety Gov Dept says that they do not have the words or letters EMF on their web site.

Undone, I am now banned from the library and most other services that I am still required to pay towards . They have a click and collect service, your books will be my first requests. It will be good to read them again. Then I will ask for the Real Anthony Fauci ( donated by us) and lend it to somebody else.

Any other suggestions ? They…

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