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Charles Manson , C.I.A & the Secret history of the Sixties

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

August 1, 2019

Cat McGuire: Once again, yet another so-called "conspiracy theory" bites the dust as we discover that the official Helter Skelter narrative and the Manson murders were highly manipulated events that served a hidden purpose -- as reported in an exciting new book that took the author, Tom O'Neill, 20 years to investigate before the truths finally unraveled. 

Dr. Kevin Barrett has written a superlative review of the book (see below) in which he builds on the Manson counter-narrative to address other unspeakable crimes that to this day in the mainstream and mainstream-left media remain absurdly suppressed, saddled as they are by the CIA-invented "conspiracy theory" stigma. Dr. Barrett is a Voltaire for our age:  a preeminent philosopher-critic/public activist whose dead-on analysis can fully hold its own with the Manson book's startling revelations.


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