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Consciousness is our true defense

August 4, 2019

Hi Elana,

You have provided me with a lot of insight to the ongoings on planet earth. Thank you Elana.

On the Freeman show with Billy you said that your recommendation to humans were to raise their immune system and you mentioned it was due to your diet (for you). In effect you can raise your immune system without doing any changes to diet or sports. They are, i think,  many ways to do it - but i only know one which i have tried myself and it works:

Our consciousness or soul is not fully in us. Only around 25% is in us as we walk around. Idea is to get more inside your body, and this is how one do it (every percent gives you a better immune system): If you reach 100% then you walk the street beaming out energy like jesus...

You must do a conscious decision to obtain a higher percentage. Say to yourself I want my soul 100% inside my body. That is all you have to do. And repeat it every day for some time..

All emotions in you (hate or fear etc.) takes up space in you which the soul cannot occupy. Your soul will help you get them out of the way but it just takes longer. Get them out the way means that you can look back of them without any emotions. The indians used a method to get them out quicker. This method is to write them down on newspaper. And tear them up before you can read them again. If you read them it goes back in again. Hence the idea to use newspaper. 

I have though only used my soul to get them out, and it works. 

It has been a long plan for humanity to raise consciousness. We see it all over the world where people vote. We see e.g. in Italy who voted in a non NWO government. We see it in France with the yellow vest protests. But even in USA where Trump won election. 

The earth consciousness sent out energy before 2012 which was constant at 7.83 hz. It is also called the schuman resonance.  NWO says it is thunder and the like that makes the 7.83 hz. But this is, as a whole lot of things, a lie. Earth consciousness raised the resonance in 2012 to 3500 hz. So something must have been done to limit how much it is raised. Maybe Haarp or electrosmog?

It was also what the pyramids was used for. If you walked into the kings chamber and a sound was played the soul came back into the body 100%. 

It was popular because as you get your soul 100% in your body you enable new functions, i.e. to transport yourself to another location just using thoughts. 

Best regards,

Henrik Fastrup



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