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Corbette Report 2013


At 16:40, after a fair appraisal of some of Noam Chomsky's amazing contributions to political dialogue, Corbett describes the art of gatekeeping which is rampant in just about every public concern there is: GATEKEEPERS making sure the public goes THIS way regarding geoengineering (or whatever) and not THAT way. Do they all work for intelligence agencies? Certainly, but maybe not all of them are conscious of working for intelligence agencies. James Corbett appropriately described Chomsky back in 2013:
When I saw this headline I thought, wow, even true blue liberal front man Chomsky is noticing injustice. But as it turns out, he is being perfectly "progressive" by supporting lock down and destruction of diversity. Many friends might not remember that he always supported the official 911 story. Just another "respected" repeater who doesn't do real research. He lost me over 911, so, see at first, the headline made me think he has come around, but no, men in Caves planned 911 and force is good when it will save "The One World". Ug


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