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David Icke says there are 2 governments .

Updated: May 8, 2020

April 30,th 2020

David Icke presses the point I've made again and again: that our "US government" is NOT monolithic. There are TWO GOVERNMENTS: the recently elected government that mainstream media consistently trashes, AND the shadow / Deep Politics / cabal government that mainstream media serve. Am I saying that President Trump does not control all parts of the US government? Yes, I am (such as geoengineering), and yet he is blamed for it all, despite YEARS of discussion about the shadow / Deep State government.

Americans have grown accustomed to every President being controlled by the shadow government, BUT THIS ONE ISN'T -- can't you tell? Do some research; take a GOOD LOOK. This President heads up a phalanx that is struggling to deliver the Constitutional government from the ruthless cabal governance we have had since John F. Kennedy's assassination -- OVER HALF A CENTURY. They seem to be working straight out of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. I am not saying this President will save us from the technocracy now set in place via the Space Fence infrastructure I have laid out in my books. It may be too late. All I am saying is this President and his allies have been working hard to dig out the root of the Satanic cabal that has used every President since John F. Kennedy attempted to cut off the head of the Nazi-founded CIA.


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