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Thanks to James Cayon: " ability to harness natural phenomena - possibly dating back HUNDREDS of years - could explain MUCH yet to be satisfactorily (such as, 'crop circles' - and of course Lahaina, Maui's similarly shocking destruction).....underlying physics once more relate to distribution of piezoelectric effects, crystalline structures (NO accident LASERS utilize the latter.....)"

ELANA: 25 years of aluminum oxide compacted into the soil makes for a "natural phenomenon" that could be used for PLASMA FIRES. I cover how crop circles are created via satellite computers in Under An Ionized Sky: "Gas plasma orbs may serve as “guidance systems” during crop circle formation. While living in England circa 2005, I visited a couple of famous crop circles in the English countryside frequented by people in meditative yoga poses. I had read about the tests that revealed radioisotopes in the flattened grass and wondered if satellite computer algorithms were behind the circles. In the Middle Ages, crop circles were obviously not attributed to algorithms but to “mowing devils.” By the 1800s, it was cyclonic wind. Post-World War Two aerial surveys detected buried remnants of circular buildings possibly built over naturally occurring plasma discharge vortices like big “fairy rings” produced by the Earth’s electromagnetic toroidal forces. Beginning in the 1970s, crop circles became increasingly complex and technical, much more sophisticated than slates-and-rope hoaxes might account for. But how was it being done? Much like the Apollo Moon landings, it was difficult to believe that agencies like NASA would perpetrate “high-tech hoaxes”; thus people turned to paranormal explanations. But like the creation of “sprites” thought to be natural lightning minus thunder, the answer is probably technology. Plasma can be generated and naturally occurring vortices can be directed with the precise overhead positioning of a geostationary satellite, mathematically intricate computer-generated 3D digital designs, and microwave lasers (masers)."


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