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DEW'D Hawaii Torched !!! A "Dry Hurricane from 800 miles away" Manufactured Climate Change Age


Thanks to Jamie Lee: "HOW THE HECK does one house not get torched? It takes thousands of degrees to melt glass and iron, yet the hottest forest fires are only 1600ºF? They did it again, and the sheer absurdity of a "dry hurricane 800 miles to the south causing complete devastation" to only one side of the most popular island when forecasts never came close to predicting it would target West Maui with these bioweapons and ONLY Lahaina... How? Why? Again, we see boats on the ocean of fire, cars completely torched again, wind profiles warnings by fire or weather officials...houses completely gone and lasers blowing up houses in a minute's time. Thousands are dead again, as first person accounts relate. This means they will blame the weather from anywhere, just like Quebec where dozens of fires broke out at once and the 'chemfog' covered all the way down to NYC. People spoke of their houses just "exploding" like in the laser vid above. Will anyone speak out? This will only continue as they promotee "Climate Change" agenda to control all. CA will get hit again this Fall to promote their climate change agendas. Silence is no longer an option, and if there is a fire near you, GET OUT. Note that all emergency services were down and not working, just like the CA fires where people signed up for warnings on their phone but got none because, in their words, "We didn't want to start a panic exodus". The people in Paradise were told by police dispatch to not flee, and it cost many lives. Safety has no season,


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