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Doctor Detects MAC Addresses In Vaccinated Individuals


Important for everyone to realize as we witness what it means that molecular biology is now digital biology. My comment with the post: VERY IMPORTANT. The tiny nano transmission devices found in serums being vaxxed into people's bodies are here proven to be TRANSMITTING ACCORDING TO BATCH / LOT with MAC addresses to be picked up by Bluetooth apps. THIS generation of an electromagnetic field around the vaxxed due to transmission connectivity is why "shedding" to the unvaxxed goes on, NOT "viral contagion." I hope you will read my latest (and last) book on how geoengineering fits into this diabolical remote control assault. BUY THE BOOK AND READ! To get Geoengineered Transhumanism: Amazon or your local book outlet's distributors. For a COLOR EDITION: Email Frank Dauenhauer at if you have any questions. TOUR. I am beginning my spring book tour with an event here in the sleepy Pacific Northwest in Woodinville WA on March 19, 2022. I am in contact with Paulette Navarro and Marin Lutz in southern California who will be invaluable in setting up my California and Southwest tour. If you would like to be on my whistle stop tour and think you have the people to organize a visit, please contact Paulette or Marin En route, I do plan to make stops in Oregon. My plan is NOT to fly but travel by car or train. NEWS. Two primary activists in the anti-geoengineering movement have died recently: "The HAARP Man" Billy Hayes (01 / 16 / 2022) and Kate Magdalena Willens (01 / 19 / 2022). Of course, I am suspicious. Both were very helpful to me while I wrote the present book (Kate) and Under An Ionized Sky (Billy). Your prayers and visualizations regarding your gratitude for their efforts will help them help us from the other side. As Rudolf Steiner says, the dead are always with us. DAILY POSTS. I post daily at Facebook EMF Planetary Engineering and at Group page "Geoengineered Transhumanism with Elana Freeland." My webmistress has had a great deal of trouble this winter and continues to struggle to keep my general website up and running and current with YouTube interviews and posts. Pray or visualize protection for her, please. LATEST INTERVIEWS. I'm including my last interview in 2021. Otherwise, January has started out slow; glad I did so many interviews when the book came out. December 14, 2021, Plan V-TV interview with Rob Williams, publisher of the Vermont Independent, January 17, 2022, Naturally Inspired podcast, not up yet. January 18, 2022, Matrix Assassins, January 20, 2022, Macroaggressions, to be posted Sunday, February 6, 2022. January 24, 2022, Night Flight with Judith Kwoba, not up yet

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