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EP59- FAITH, The Sword of Truth, The Time Has Come

January 3,2020

When I listened to this (epitaph?) by Scott Kesterson, I recalled my experiences at 14 or 15 years old when I read all of Thomas Paine's speeches and essays. How MOVED I was by his words about this great nation beloved by my immigrant grandmother! Great not because of material wealth but because of the uniqueness in ALL THE WORLD of its Bill of Rights to protect the INDIVIDUAL! 

Now, with what I know about the technological takeover of the entire Earth via the HAARP technology and secret space program I write about, I feel I am listening to an echo of Thomas Paine buried in the distant past.

A change in rulership is occurring, and the cabal rewarded with absolute power since its role in the murder of John F. Kennedy is now being replaced; this is true. But barring destruction of the primary infrastructure of the electromagnetic AI-run Space Fence lockdown, no nation will be allowed to return to what they once were, nor will the Bill of Rights be more than lip service to a dream become illusion. The brief period in history of a young and prosperous nation destroyed in record time proves that with enough comfort, convenience, and entertainment, a mass society can be easily controlled and kept asleep and dreaming while marauders steal its freedoms in broad day, whether the dreamers fancy themselves to be conservative or liberal.


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