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Exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse International Conference 2023


Thanks to elisa e., deprogrammed MK-Ultra survivor, author of "I did a short interview as part of Marcel Polte's Project 50 Voices of Ritual Abuse. He has several books out and another one coming which is currently being translated to English."

SATURDAY, JULY 15, 2023, SRA CONFERENCE IN LONDON, "Exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse International Conference 2023." LIVESTREAM BEGINS AT 12:45 PM UK TIME.

The Swiss Radio and TV channel SRF started a Satanic Panic campaign in Switzerland last year supported by Swiss mainstream media. As a consequence, several therapists of SRA [Satanic ritual abuse] survivors lost their jobs. At the end of last year, the campaign switched over to Germany. recently published a documentary, based on research by a German survivor, that discloses the circles behind this propaganda. Within hours, the Swiss TV channel SRF threatened to pull the documentary. Here is the link to the English version viewed already by 1.5 million people:


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