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Far-Left Activist Masquerading as Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Says Uncensored Social Media ‘Destabilize


ALL PLANNED, ALL DELIBERATE. NOT WHY FACEBOOK WENT DOWN. Interesting spin obviously coupled with Facebook going down.

October begins with a bang! TWO MAJOR NEWS ITEMS. Again, I recommend you join me at (under "Groups," Geoengineered Transhumanism with Elana Freeland, where I post every morning). I have one Facebook site that I cautiously post some things at: EMF Planetary Engineering. As for book publication progress, I have at last found the formatter such a big science book needed (she used to contract with Johns Hopkins U) and am able to pay for her RUSH services, thanks to the generosity of a supporter. When she is done formatting, everything will finally go to IngramSpark for publish-on-demand. A few hundred people have preordered at Those books will be signed. As the price of each book would be sky-high with color illustrations, mass distribution books will be with black-and-white illustrations, with the option to pay a bit more for a 300-book premium distribution with color illustrations. (Just to be clear, the author gets very little per book, due to the costs of manufacture and 30-40% bookstore distribution.) Now for the TWO news items:

Congress Demands Action Against Facebook After Hearing Whistleblower Testimony

After this bombshell revelation, Facebook was shut down for all of Monday, October 4, 2021: https://

"The shutdown comes after a former Facebook product manager turned 'whistleblower' leaked tens of thousands of internal documents published in a blockbuster series of reports published by The Wall Street Journal. Facebook executives admit in the internal memos that Zuckerberg 'hobbled' America to get vaccinated, facilitates human trafficking, and warn subsidiary Instagram is harmful to teenagers among the trove of damning information leaked."

Hydra vulgaris is being found in cv "vaccines."

Hail Hydra! is the quote from the 2019 Hollywood movie AVENGERS: ENDGAME used in youth-preprogramming Marvel Comics movies, signifying praise of the [satanic] group HYDRA. https://www.


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