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Flames from 'raging' Quebec wildfires visible in satellite images


Thanks to Kai Marks: "Although I'm not even halfway through watching it, I'm so impressed by the images and analysis presented by forensic arborist Robert Brame in his interview with Peggy Hall that I thought you might be interested to check it out: Looking for clues in the Canadian fires Am only about 20 minutes into it now, and so far all his slides have been pics of very interesting and telling anomalies found in past California fires. Looking forward to hearing if/how he connects what he has seen and learned in CA to what's been going on with fires that have been burning recently in Quebec. Have not watched this one yet, but thought it might be worth sharing with you, too: Whats REALLY Causing the CANADIAN FIRES?? []( Also in case you haven't already seen it, here's a loop of some satellite imagery of (at least some of) the Quebec fires all appearing to ignite virtually simultaneously, which I find easier to view when I slow it down to .25 speed:" Flames from 'raging' Quebec wildfires visible in satellite images

ELANA: If you are interested in how geoengineered fires are created and run, please read in my book Geoengineered Transhumanism:

Geoengineered Fires

Trees burning on the inside, Earth as a capacitor, and nanotechnology

Just as I have been saying now for nearly two decades, Super Nano Thermite Extension is just a part of the atmospheric aerosol chemming.

- Billy Hayes “The HAARP Man”

What we can do is focus this very high energy into a very small spot for a very short time, and when that happens, we get the conditions that are very much like inside our Sun.

- Edward Moses, National Ignition Facility

I left my home shortly before it burned as a 5G tower was erected nearby and then tested. I inferred this was a weapon from my observation of readings of ~1 million times or so over background with my meter pegged, indicating illegal levels of radiation. 6 decimal places. 0.0005 mW/m2 background. 0.0012 when presumably acting as a cell tower, or some other modern active source of radiation. 150.0000 and change when tested on “bake cycle.” Geoengineering is part of a plasma weapon, a military system now surrounding Earth. The effects of the plasma overhead are the certain thing in the burn; the tower is only a presumed part of the system.

- Richard Lawrence Norman, email, 2020

1100ºF (593ºC) Normal fire burning point

1220ºF (600ºC) Aluminum

2600ºF (1426ºC) Tempered glass

2700ºF (1482ºC) Stainless steel

What if the “wildfires” along the U.S. West Coast are actually prescribed burns prepared by geoengineering with years of drought and tons of aluminum nanoparticles dropped from the upper atmosphere and pounded by scheduled, short-lived floods? As nano-researcher Pete Ramon put it:

Wildfires destroy Earth’s ability to propagate cloud formation through New Particle Formation events (fancy for cloud nucleation) by removing isoprene, Earth’s own dual-use bioaerosol that can inhibit and promote. While large biomass burning does put vast amounts of CO and particulates in the air, it’s ultimately vanquishing Earth’s ability to generate her own weather patterns. If you’re trying to control global weather patterns, you do indeed have to cut out the middle-men: the Earth and Sun.


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