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German Court Orders Compulsory COVID Vaccination for 85-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor


Thanks to Rebecca Campbell: "If they now cannot execute humanity en masse, this is how they plan to target gifted but socially isolated dissidents. Genuine, deep-rooted community is right now essentially nonexistent in many/most places in the so-called developed world, but will now be necessary to the survival of the human race there, especially within the next several years." ELANA: The old Central Europe of the high arts and thought is long gone. Now, neither artists nor the aging nor survivors of the horrors of the not all that distant past are to be honored. Swedish author Stieg Larsson who wrote The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series was murdered after barely finishing his "fictional" series that exposed the Nazi stay-behind forces known as Gladio. Between the success of the Third Reich's Operation Paperclip in the U.S. and Gladio in Europe, real human culture has been dealt a blow that it may never recover from, now that the asuric / archon Transhumanist technology I write about is in place. I think I will listen to Wagner's opera Parsifal, especially the parts about Kundry and the sorcerer Klingsor, who surely was a Big Pharma CEO in service to the New World Order.


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