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He's EXPOSING the hidden U.S. child concentration camps used for trafficking | Redacted News


Thanks to Elisa E.

ELANA: And so it goes in The U.S. of A. From 9:45-20:00, Carlos talks about how "transportation specialists" of "escort agencies" are delivering children to "sponsors" via economy class jets after which they wait in the baggage areas to hand the children off to "sponsors." I have twice witnessed a child on an airplane I'm on who is obviously being trafficked -- not Latin American but blond 4-5 year old boys "throwing tantrums" (fighting for their lives) only to be contained in the baggage area until "sponsors" pick them up. I honestly didn't know what to do, given that I don't trust Seattle police (and therefore airport security). The white male and female "transportation specialists" watched me nervously as possibly did a nearby "sponsor" waiting to make the transfer.


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