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Historic Wildfires Burn Rocky Mountain Forests Like Never Before


A new study shows the U.S. West’s 2020 fire season pushed ecosystems to levels of burning not seen in at least 2,000 years — a sobering example of how climate change is altering ecosystems on which lives and economies depend.

Lucretia Smith: Note the trees are not burned down in the movie or very few are. Most are just standing dead, like the aluminum and drought and all that nano aluminum in the air drying them out. Yes, no doubt with all that aluminum oxide from the geoengineering, trees are dried out and dying or dead, so are we surprised? If you watch the movie “The Road” it says 10 years in the future (produced for screen in 2009), you will see they show the trees dead. I think the time should have said within 10 years from now, but who knows with what all they can do from earthquakes to EMP’s to record cold weather or heat?

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