• Elana Freeland


April 26th,2020

An addendum to the documentary "Out of Shadows"

FBI SAC Ted Gunderson. What 2016 WikiLeaks revelations gave us. Trump is not a Republican. At ~25:05, LISTEN CAREFULLY FOR THE draining-the-swamp SCOOP. So much for the political party system of divide-and-conquer control. I've never been a Democrat or Republican or Libertarian, etc. I don't play numbers games; I play INDIVIDUAL QUALITY. Wake up, Americans. Go over all your conditioning and throw out the inherited assumptions that you have never examined. Better read the Sub Rosa America series first off so you can catch up and inoculate yourself against the continuing BS propaganda and mind-control conditioning still going on. Still own a TV? It's loaded with subliminals, haven't you even figured that out yet? It's not just the Bill of Rights nation that is at stake; it is your very soul. Waking up is painful. Be prepared.

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