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Just RANDOMLY appeared out of NOWHERE!!


Thanks to Tony Pantalleresco.

ELANA: "Out of nowhere"? I don't think so. I received Facebook photos a couple of months ago that showed a near infrared (N/IR) image of the sky as CIRCUITBOARD. Stupidly, I let it go, thinking I would return to it; when I did, it was gone. Was it a CGI? I don't think so. (IF YOU HAVE THAT PHOTO, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME.) Given what I know about the "cloud" plasma atmosphere now, it is highly probably that a VIRTUAL communication system is up and running on a plasma level, maybe even for the UFO/UAP "show" coming up. Plasma is, after all, matter, just not very visible (like some of the exotic propulsion craft). Anyway, let's keep an eye out for the atmosphere now become "movie theater"!


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