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Knowledge is power

August 2, 2019

From Dianna The knowledge and connecting of dots that I have learned from you and the 'Under An Ionized Sky' group is phenomenal and I am forever grateful. In this day and age with all the challenges we face it is so refreshing to have this more in-depth knowledge and be able to pass on to my kids and millennial grandkids, whether the latter want to hear it or not. Planting seeds will eventually pay off, I hope. Interestingly I have been asked several times how I can continue to enjoy life knowing all this. My answer - thanks to Elana Freeland’s research I have gained so much knowledge of the dark side of technology, medicine, secret societies and because of this I am able to connect the dots. Denial just doesn’t work for me. Being aware of the big picture makes it is so much easier to better equip myself with the tools I need to protect myself, both on a conscious and subconscious level. I feel blessed!  Thank you for your dedication and looking forward to your new book.

Love and Blessings from Burlington Ontario.


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