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Kobe Bryant's Ties To China and the Coronavirus Global Conspiracy


Two days before testifying against Big Pharma (sidekick of Tavistock Institute and other MK-ULTRA purveyors in the military-industrial-intelligence-media complex), Kobe is dead. Still believe in coincidences? Discussion of dirty Big Pharma begins at ~7:00.  9:40 The Belt and Road Initiative of China. STUDY THIS if you hope to understand the CV-19 Deep State debacle. "The biggest global conspiracy in the history of the world . . ."

You can always tell a psyop (psychological operation) by how it utilizes world mainstream media to sell one particular narrative to the exclusion of all other devils in the details. This excellent video by A H examines some of those crucial details few have the capability to discover, analyze, and address.

Elisa is the author of two consecutive books: 

Do with this what you will. MK-ULTRA survivors must be listened to. However he is disliked and destroyed by the Mockingbird CIA-controlled mainstream media, President Trump is the only President in my lifetime post-JFK who has gone after the pedophile blackmail system of the CIA.

------------- Blessings.

The child trafficking issue will soon have to be faced by everyone. It will not remain hidden for much longer. There is no doubt for me that this is indeed taking place. I am used to weeding through things regarding this issue and would like to let you know that many of us MKUltra survivors also cannot prove what lives we led. It is only recently that some have been able to document some of their horrendous abuse. I have remained skeptical about many of the things leading up to this over the course of several years now, during this administration, reports of this and that. I must say, when I saw the first video I received on this (now nowhere to be found?), a video in which the source listed base by base, state by state, even providing the GPS latitude and longitude, I wept as some of the bases I was in were listed. I knew then, This is happening. I can no more prove it than I can prove my own victimization for a lifetime, but I will tell you this is happening. I am not naive, and this is just a hard hit on the S-tanists, not a complete removal of their activity or network. After the children are taken out, the base is demolished. Not all bases have been taken, according to the initial video report that I can no longer find. Plus, they exist in other countries as well. Some points in the video forwarded by Elana below: **The fire in the parking lot is in southern Cali; a friend of mine knows where it is. This is footage of some of the flames from blowing a base near there. These "earthquakes" are not natural, and that is coming from some experts who follow earthquakes. That video is now gone, too (no surprise, really.) **Journalist Timothy Holmseth and his family have been targeted since he began working with core military and reporting on this. **CPS (Child Protective Services) is not the only purveyor of these children... **I and a friend (MKUltra survivor) can verify some of the bases listed by location only...specifically. **Some of the children are dying when brought to the surface, hence some of the specialized equipment needed. Some have never been above ground, going back several generations of breeding. You can probably imagine what shape tortured and abused children would be in. What happened to Kobe Bryant and how he was used leads first to a honeypot rape set-up, then the MK-ULTRA programmed Black Mamba alter, then Black Mamba's creepy children's books, then a pro-Transhumanist venture capital firm, then VIP Kid mind control backed by the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese billionaire Jack Ma of Ali Baba, Joseph C. Lewis, George Soros -- and there it is! The major DEVIL in ALL details since the Cold War having: Tavistock Institute, going all the way back to Nazis, World War Two, and the CIA's original MK-ULTRA! WOW. It's under every rock . . .

Blessings to you all. I ask you to pray for the children suffering. It is truly unconscionable what they have endured. I often use a simple prayer: "Mercy to the children."


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