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Listen well to Alison McDowell


I met Alison at the conference in Tucson and had fabulous talks with her. She is just as authentic as I thought and an ally I am happy to claim! As for the book, I am now editing it chapter by chapter for the proofreader and formatter. Out in July. Sorry for the delays, but it's worth it. As my previous publisher Adam Parfrey chastised me when I complained about the time it took to publish Under An Ionized Sky, "It's a BOOK that will last, Elana, not an article, and it takes time and care."

Ed Conroy: "Elana, Alison is showing the influence of your work in her latest video on YouTube!"

ELANA: Alison McDowell is the sharpest and most open-minded intellectual I've encountered in decades. She is after the TRUTH and therefore pays attention to others' insights into the transition we are now engaged in as a world and planet.

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