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Marius Stokkeland - "Biodynamic farmer and artist"


Dear Elana - Just listened to some of your interviews - Im so glad and happy about your research and general work with the present, and where everything is going. I´m working as a biodynamic farmer in Denmark, Northern Europe. You raised up the fire inside my own thinking - I researched most of all your topics, for about 10-12 years ago, intens for 2-3 years. And decided to go into the biodynamic´s to do more with my energy into co-creating life and the living. Im writing to connect with you , if its needed. I think it is. Seeing myself as an artist with a fullscaled painting to recall the reality of the times right now. The "painting" of your picture "geoengineered transhumanism" brings up how its urgent to fight for growing real life , as islands round the globe. As a farmer its obvious to me how my fellow farmers are doing dead work and its spreading like a fire - This mail just to connect and to thank you so much for your work - For more natural life - Have a nice and loving sunday - Marius


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