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Massive bio-terrorism attack uncovered


BIOTERRORIST ATTACK. This is the ONLY term we should use for what has been occurring the past 1.5 years around the world. Mainstream media under absolute control. Medical establishment under absolute control. Big Pharma in command under the global elites.

Dr. McCullough tells it like it is. I do not agree with some of what he says, but certainly I agree with his overarching appraisal of what will stand in history as the most comprehensive bioterrorism assault in history 19 years (a Metonic cycle) after 9/11. Listen carefully to his perception about medical doctors, etc., being under hypnosis and think remote programming.

If you have not read Hans Christian Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes" in recent years, I suggest you do so in order to banish any remaining fear of a viral plague.


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