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Massive data gathering


Thanks to Chuck: "Today I spotted a military jet flying near Ottawa in a suspicious pattern. I researched the jet and found that the Canadian Air Force had converted 3 of that type for Electronic Warfare. It's been circling near Ottawa for hours now, sometimes dropping as low as 300 feet above the ground before ascending again. I imagine it's doing massive data gathering on the Truckers and their supporters. I've alerted the convoy via a website post, and also suggested that their leaders may want to obtain Satellite Phones kept in Faraday Bags when not in use, just in case of either targeting or other communications disruptions or targeted arrests based on Cell Phone Triangulation. One Canadian Pilot has thanked me for taking the time to do the Flight Tracking."

ELANA: Massive data gathering AND frequency pulsing for behavior control.

Chalenger CL 60 Surveillance Ottawa 2-10-2022.PNG


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