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MK Ultra & the C.I.A

December 12th,2020

From London.

I agree with Tory MP Swayne (whatever his party): When the Prime Minister went into hospital months ago under a CV cover-up, I realized that he was to be programmed, reprogrammed, or tuned up. Yes, mind control. Do you REALLY think that in this era of remote mind control a PM in the land of the Tavistock Institute is going to be allowed to do as s/he thinks fit for his people?

For me, this is why President Trump's election was a rogue, unforeseen element storming the gates, basically an uncontrolled element not fully programmed or resisting programming, chosen to run by white-hat military brass who knew what programming looks like. A free individual? Not really--no billionaire is a free agent --but comparatively free when compared with the Clintons and Obama who ALWAYS belonged to MK-ULTRA's CIA.


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