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Mobile Chernobyl


Thanks to Deborah Tavares, July 2021: This intentional crash operation [on March 31, 2021] creates what is called a Mobile Chernobyl. The truck was operated by Hittman Transport Service based in Tennessee, which has had five citations for hazardous materials since March 2019. Two of the four 1,000-gallon containers of uranium hexafluoride the truck was carrying fell off as the truck overturned. The casks are for making low enrichment fuel rods. Uranium hexafluoride is RADIOACTIVE. Ionizing radiation can cause mutations, cancer and/or reproductive damage.

ELANA: I too wonder about these "mobile Chernobyls." This "accident" occurred on a Hecate holy day, from which we get the term "hex" (hexafluoride?). Add the name of the trucking company and we are in the realm of onomancy, the lower black magick divination based on names whose double meanings "put a spell" on the subconscious, as all secret societies know. In my new book coming out at the end of September 2021, I explore the possibility that ionized radiation is being INTENTIONALLY infused into our atmosphere as part of Transhumanism operations.


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