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My response to a query about Australia's 55 towers:

January 3,2020

Good video -- and I was pleased to see my Chemtrails, HAARP book deep in his opening pile of books.

When you say "HAARP-based," I'm not sure I understand what you mean. ALL towers (GWEN, cell, etc.) and RADAR installations (NexRad, etc.) are CALIBRATED to work together regionally. Australia is a little bit different because the U.S. has MASSIVE military installations above and underground there, due to Australia's role in Five Eyes and the proximity of Antarctica where MASSIVE EM operations are constantly going, out to the MASER conducting through the Poles, the Birkeland currents connecting the planet to the Sun, etc. He points to the radiation rings (Rev. Michelle Hopkins used to call them "Tesla tech arrays" or TTAs) that indicate the presence of a big "golf ball" type of phased array antenna RADAR like NexRads or the mobile HAARP known as SBX-1, whereas the "beams coming from the towers" would indicate cell or GWEN towers. He's right: "Why do we need so many towers?" And why so much power? Well, it doesn't take a big brain to figure out: military. Later in the video, the "parked" pressure zones: that's jet stream control utilizing EM percolating via the towers and RADAR installations so as to guide weather systems. Interesting how the rain is pushed SOUTH away from Australia, whereas with California it's pushed NORTH.


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