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Nuremberg 2 Translation Kicks off in Poland


From London.

ELANA: We recently had a sitting President for four years who had absolutely ZERO access to the so-called "free press" of the First Amendment United States of America. A constant bile of disinformation and lies poured out of the CIA-controlled New York Times, WaPost, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc. about this FIRST sitting President since JFK to go after the secret societies and their Satanic pedophile appetites. So do not expect bells and whistles during this most important attempt to wrest the controls back from the power elite's centuries-old deals with the devil. Cling to alternative news accounts and do not allow yourselves to be hypnotized into a state of disillusionment and carte blanche cynicism. WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH OUR DEFENSE OF HUMANITY. And remember: you will be buried in chemical trails loaded with conductive nanometals and nanobots and PULSED with mood-altering frequencies. Stand firm! Knowledge is power; use it! Read my latest book for courage and knowledge.


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