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Obamagate and the deep state


Beginning at ~9:25 Obamagate and Crossfire Hurricane: Congressional hearings begin in June (cases against Gen. Michael Flynn, Carter Page, and why Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel). Yes, it's the Russian collusion allegations one more time. But remember: THE DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS. Americans must learn to do their due diligence of oversight. Take a GOOD LOOK at how the Deep State has been secretly undermining the nation and its defenders. I HAVE WITNESSED IT FOR A HALF CENTURY. If you've bought the farm on nationhood being "bad" and global governance being "better," think again. All globalism leads to is greater topdown centralization = Communism / socialism. (Ask Brexit supporters about the European Union.) And no, I'm not a Republican; I'm a student of history.

To counter your conditioning, I recommend True nations offer unique qualities to the body politic, not one media-driven Americanized collective.


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