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December12,2023 The shift in personality in people who have taken the CV-19 shot (and whatever the "boosters" are) must be taken into account when considering how what is in the serum does to the hippocampus in the brain AND to the soul making use of the hippocampus. (Facebook will not allow me to post Naomi Wolf's interview with Dr. Michael Nehls about this topic, 

so you will have to scroll down to find it or do a word search on your own.)

Here is a "quick fix" on what the hippocampus provides us:

One thing I know very well from a decade of study regarding the CIA's MK-Ultra program is that the hippocampus (and its relationship with the amygdala) was deeply studied because mind control requires considerable BLOCKAGE OF MEMORIES so that "false memories" can be inserted, otherwise known as "screen memories."

Is this what we're seeing in people who undergo post-jab personality change? Accurate memories, NOT screen memories, are essential to real soul development.


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