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ENERGY FLOWING AGAIN - NO WORRIES! Red Pill Expo Thanks to gonzomarkie, February 7, 2022 (see attached photos): The attached photos depict a graphene (plus?) storm over the spine of the Sierra Madre in Chihuahua. This is not rain. We drove through it all. This is a chemical dump of the type we've watched being migrated to the southern US time, time, and time again on our jaunts between Mexico and the US. But it's gotten worse. IT WILL NOT WASH OUT OF THE LAUNDRY. It plugs up a good working machine. We are hyperventilating on nights like last night. Even a cat had a coughing fit. On that same date (February 7, 2022), I did this interview: February 7, 2022, Nikai de Best, “Elana Freeland on Transhumanism, Geo-engineering and Synthetic Biologie,”


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