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Regarding the INFORMATION WARFARE raging around us


The book many of you are waiting for is still undergoing formatting.

Two important posts on this crucial issue so as to prepare you for what is quietly being perpetrated:

Thanks to Alexandra Bruce. George Webb on the REAL "white rage." Remember: we are engaged in an actual war that comes across as INFORMATION WARFARE. May sound benign, but think of the MILLIONS who have submitted to irrational "lockdowns" and now "vaccines" they are dying from, all due not to a virus but to media lies. Sounds like information warfare to me. Now, General Milley is pulling out the race card . . .

Thanks to The Con Trail in New Zealand. So let's continue studying just how INFORMATION WARFARE works. All "vaccinated" people are now transceivers, not just electromagnetic towers. Due to the software now implanted in them via the gene alteration they've undergone, they are now being tracked in detail via "precision medicine." Here, we see an information warfare warrior-hacker who has discovered his "vaccinated" friends' data on the Dark Web.

My latest three radio interviews:

September 7, 2021, Rahasya Uncensored, September 8, 2021, Quite Frankly, “The Rise of Synthetic Biology,” (30:00) September 16, 2021, Waking the Future, “MK-Ultra, Chemtrails, and Transhumanism,”


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